Vapor Retailers and Manufacturers of Delaware

Legislative Hall

VRMD is a non-profit corporation that is not organized for the private gain of any one person or business.

Our objective is to promote and insure the existence of an environment where electronic cigarette retailers and manufacturers can continue to prosper in the state of Delaware. We accomplish this through lobbying and by maintaining professional standards for all of our business and political endeavors. We hope to protect and encourage a more positive political perception of the vapor industry, through continued education and organization.

Our association is composed of informed and proactive vapor business owners seeking to protect their investments and the industry in which they are dedicated. We are all vapers who have helped thousands of our customers use vapor products to quit smoking. VRMD is not just about protecting business interests, we are genuinely committed to doing our part to protect the products and services our customers have come to rely on.

This website serves, as both a profile and a portfolio of accomplishments, as well as being a reference and source of information for our members.