About VRMD

Although VRMD was founded at the beginning of 2018, the members of this organization have been on the front lines of vaping advocacy in Delaware since 2013. Much of our work was done as the Delaware chapter of Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA). Some of our accomplishments include:

  • Exemption for vape shops with the addition of vaping to the clean indoor air act
  • Supporting 18+ age restrictions for vapor businesses with clear definitions and language
  • Negotiating a 40% wholesale tax on all vapor products to $0.05/ml on nicotine containing liquids
  • Representing Delaware’s vapor businesses with thoughtful and professional discourse
  • Educating Delaware legislators on the topics of vaping and smoking cessation

Though we still support SFATA and the important work they do for vaping advocacy at the federal level, the members of SFATA:DE found there was a need to simplify operations. We set out to distinguish ourselves as an organic local trade association allowing greater control of group policies, full in-house oversight of financial matters, far more streamlined systems for new membership and a fresh new face for the organization.

Now established, VRMD keeps its finger on the proverbial pulse of Delaware politics. Video conference meetings are held every week featuring legislative updates, organizational updates and future planning. Outside of the political sphere, the organization serves its members as a nexus for valuable information ranging from local tax law compliance to federal tobacco product regulations.

If you are a vaper in Delaware, ask your favorite shop what they are doing to protect your right to access these products.